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Hello, my name is Matt and I'm happy to help!

I'm a developer and business consultant who can work alongside your team to create wonderful resources. I'm always looking for interesting projects, so don't hesitate to tell me what you've got going on.

A picture of Matthew sitting down with his elbows rested on his knees and his hands loosly clasped together. He is leaning forward slightly and smiling. He has a long beard and is wearing glasses, a black long sleeve button up shirt and black shorts.

When I had the above photo taken, I thought I was getting a professional headshot so I didn't bother with the pants! Thankfully my clients and colleagues still have nice things to say about me:

I had the pleasure of working with Matthew on a large project with a hectic production schedule. He was able to jump in, quickly get up to speed and work seamlessly with my team. Excellent communication, quick turnaround and I could always count on receiving great work. I would definitely recommend him and look forward to working again with Matthew in the future.

Frank Ragione
Art Director

Matt is great to work with. He's solution orientated and works well in a team. Rather than saying 'this can't be done', Matt will find a way to work around things to fit the scope, technical difficulties or learning needs. Technically, Matt has a vast and detailed knowledge, and is organised in process, communicates well, and delivers in a timely fashion.

Greg Lowe
Multimedia Specialist

Matt's nickname should be the eLearning Thunder from Down Under.

Tom Kuhlmann
Chief Learning Architect at Articulate

I have worked with Matt on a great many projects over the last 4 years. Matt has the perfect combination of project management, technical and interpersonal skills that make collaborating with him a pleasure. He is personable, flexible, efficient and extremely capable, and especially so when meeting tight timeframes.

Howard Dawson
Educational Technology and Innovation Development Manager

I was having a problem with one of my SCORM eLearning objects so I reached out to Matt. He was really helpful right from the start. Over the course of several emails he provided me with various scripts for me to test in the hope of solving my problem. Suffice to say, thanks to Matt’s expertise in this area, we were quickly able to come up with a solution. Matt is friendly, helpful and above all very professional.

Graham Clark
Senior Learning Designer

Matthew was an invaluable member of our team with a demonstrated ability to tackle projects and tasks with a 'big picture' mentality. This enabled him to bring creative solutions to the table for both new and old challenges. His constant need to challenge said processes and utilise new and innovative tools to improve efficiency and usability gave our business the extra edge to deliver on niche requirements.

Chantal Robert
Continious Improvement

I ran across Matthew in a software user forum. His solutions to other folks problems caught my eye and helped me work through our own problems with the software. I learned a lot reading his posts. When we recently needed additional programming help during a super tight delivery situation, we reached out to Matthew and contracted with him to meet our client's deadlines. Matthew stepped right in, quickly figured out what we were doing and started turning work around for us in short manner. I'm glad he was part of our team. Matthew is easy to work with and has exceptional skills. On top of that, he has a great personality. I wouldn't hesitate using him again.

Robert O'Donnell
Creative Director

I contacted Matthew for advice about getting ahead in the elearning industry and he provided some great practical ideas. He was easy to talk to, gave honest answers and followed up with some excellent resources. Matthew is one of my top eLearning heroes so I really valued his insight.

Olivia Rowland
Learning Designer

Matt was invaluable as our eLearning developer in a recent project. He embraced the challenge of delivery within a tight timeframe and took no short cuts to ensure the integrity of a polished module. Matt's high level of skill and understanding of the overall user experience is an absolute asset. His approach to engaging with the team and general approach to communication makes him a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Matt as an eLearning consultant.

Anne Marie Lambert
Senior Instructional Designer

He's a bit of a twerp.

Matt's Mum

This project had to be finished quickly and, although living in a different time zone, Matt responded promptly. My client was very happy with the final product and I want to thank Matthew for the great help he provided.

Celine Maher
Instructional Designer

I was trying to add some custom scripting to an interaction in an eLearning course I was developing. After a quick email conversation and a day (yes, that's right, a day!) Matt was able to write a Javascipt code block for exactly what I needed to finish my interaction. I don't think Matt could have been more polite in his lightning fast turnaround. This guy is a dynamo.

Michael Zielinskie
Cslt-Learning and Dev

Matt is a pleasure to work with. Highly skilled and incredibly patient. Matt takes the time to understand what the client wants, explores options using plain English and is willing to go the extra mile to make things happen. He is cool and calm, even under the pressure of crazy deadlines. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Matt as an eLearning developer.

Sally Van Ede
Program Developer

I live in Ballarat, Australia where it is currently:

So, depending on where you live, I might actually be speaking to you from the future!

Anyway, I'm here to help, so let me know what you need.

Or if you prefer, we can schedule a quick video call and discuss things face to face.

Matt is an amazing person to work with. He has such a great creative talent, and is always looking for new and improved ways to do things. Matt has a very high level of professionalism. He is a great communicator. And he is very flexible and able to accommodate the challenges of working in a project environment. I don't think I have ever had a conversation with him when he has not been positive and up-beat. I would work with Matt again and again if I could. He is amazing and a fabulous asset to any organisation.

Mary Hetherington
L&D Leader

Thank you for your attention. I hope that you have a wonderful day and I look forward to working with you in the future.