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Matthew BibbyMatthew Bibby

“I owe my entire success to a life-changing PowerPoint presentation.” -- Absolutely no one.

How’s that training program of yours working out?

Do you have one? Is it good?

Does it grab the audience, right from the start, and demonstrate that you are, in fact, an expert in what you do--and not just someone throwing together a PDF?

Or are you just slinging a bunch of papers, checklists, worksheets and a dozen empty pages at ‘em because you aren’t sure what else to do?

Whether you’re selling software, services or salami need amazing training.

Your company may dish up a mean meal, a killer app, or life-altering consulting sessions, but do you have a great way to teach your clients (or even employees) all the stuff they need to know--and in a way that makes you look like a hero?

Don’t feel bad; most companies don’t. Ditto small business owners. And bloggers. And even many teachers.

Sure, you can probably whip up a Powerpoint with the best of ‘em. You may even know how to throw together a bitchin’ webinar. But you’ve also likely seen how everyone’s eyes glaze over as you drown them in this one-way flood of information.

And those glazed faces aren’t saving or making anyone money. They’re not fostering communication. And they’re also not making your business run at its peak efficiency.

Without exceptional training? You likely have a bit of a problem.

Hi. I’m Matt.

I teach businesses how to accelerate their customers’ or users’ expertise through realistic, engaging eLearning experiences.

Simply put, I help you make complex things a lot less complex and boring things a lot less that you and your audience can achieve great things. I create solutions that allow you to take learners from novice to proficient (and then some), without ever making them feel like they’re stuck in some dreadful lecture hall or way-over-their-head Science book.

It's my mission to help people like you develop memorable, engaging and profitable training programs. You are going to look like you were born an eLearning expert.

This, in turn, will help you become wildly successful at your particular thing, whether that’s software development, life coaching or piling up plates of pastrami.

Train them well and the results will follow--their results, and yours--and I’m here to show you how to get it right, the first time.

"Matt is great to work with. He's solution orientated and works well in a team. Rather than saying 'this can't be done', Matt will find a way to work around things to fit the scope, technical difficulties or learning needs. Technically, Matt has a vast and detailed knowledge, and is organised in process, communicates well, and delivers in a timely fashion."

I am currently .

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