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For your convenience, I'm offering my best consulting services as low-risk, fixed-price packages. If the packages below don't meet your needs, let me know and we can discuss a custom engagement.

Course Review

Not sure how your course stacks up? Is it alright or is it amazing?

After spending weeks staring at the same course, it's hard to be objective regarding course quality. It's so easy to skip over obvious mistakes because you are too familiar with the content or your testing process is too rigid.

If you'd like a hand, I'll review your completed course and provide a written report (with bonus GIFs and screencasts!) that will show you how your course could be improved.

This report won't just help you with the one course, it'll give you tips that will help you become a better eLearning developer, impacting all of your future projects in a positive way.

Now, I don't do QA anymore and I'm not going to correct your grammar (I dropped out of a professional writing school because they expected me to learn that stuff).

But I will check the learner's experience, consider how effective the course is and dig into the source file to take a look at how everything is put together. I'll try and break the navigation, look critically at the instructional, visual and interaction design, test mobile readiness, usability and hopefully learn something new in the process!

In only a week or two, you'll have a report that'll highlight what's good, what needs improvement and maybe even point out some things that you should never, under any circumstances, ever, do again...

The cost of a course review starts at $900.

"I'd absolutely recommend this service. It is a tailored-made training solution that adapts to your needs."

If you need more, we can have a follow-up call to discuss the details or I can review your course for a second time after you've fixed things up.

And because I want you to feel comfortable making this investment, I'll happily refund your payment in full after the review if you don't feel that it was helpful.

"Matt is a pleasure to work with. Highly skilled and incredibly patient. Matt takes the time to understand what the client wants, explores options using plain English and is willing to go the extra mile to make things happen. He is cool and calm, even under the pressure of crazy deadlines."

Contact me to arrange a course review.

Automated Hyperlink Checking

Would you like to have an automated service frequently check that the hyperlinks in your course are working?

You don't want to frustrate your learners by linking to resources that are unavailable, yet it can be incredibly time consuming to check and update thousands of hyperlinks, especially if this process involves manually editing, republishing and re-uploading all of your eLearning courses.

If you set up your hyperlinks using the approach outlined in this tutorial, then we can monitor those links over time to ensure they remain functional.

(By the way, if you need a hand setting up the hyperlinks, just let me know.)

Each time one of your hyperlinks breaks, you'll receive an email advising you of the change with tips on how to get everything working again.

The cost of this service starts at $5 a month, per course.

Reasonable use limits apply. If there are over 50 hyperlinks in a single course, the above cost will scale accordingly.

"While it may take longer to setup, in the long run it alleviates a number of headaches that come with broken hyperlinks! Thanks for this approach! A new FAV!"

Contact me to arrange to use the automated hyperlink checking service.

Single Feature Optimisation

Do you just need help with adding one particular feature to your course?

This package was developed specifically for such situations, when we can achieve a quick win with a bit of custom development work. This goes beyond the recommendations you get from a consultation, as I'll actually roll up my sleeves and implement a custom feature for you.

For the best results, this package comes with a complimentary one-hour consultation.

The cost of a single feature optimisation starts at $900.

Depending on the feature, this price may increase. If that happens, I'll send you an invoice to cover the difference or alternatively refund your $900 payment if you decide that you don't want to proceed.

"Matt, I want to thank you again for the amazing work you put into this module for us. Its really, really appreciated, and I’ve come to realise there’s only a few developers who would have taken the care that you did."

Contact me to arrange a single feature optimisation.

One-Hour Consultation

You can book a paid, one-hour consultation where we can dig deeper into the challenges you are facing and I can provide you with insightful, actionable advice.

Would you like some expert advice on how you can improve your existing courses? Do you want to improve and optimise your eLearning development processes? Or do you just need to talk with someone who really gets it?

The cost of this session is $200.

And because I want you to feel comfortable making this investment, I'll happily refund your payment in full at the end of the call if you don't feel that the consultation was helpful.

"Matt's high level of skill and understanding of the overall user experience is an absolute asset. His approach to engaging with the team and general approach to communication makes him a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Matt as an eLearning consultant."

You can book a consultation here.

And remember, if the packages above don't meet your needs, we can discuss a custom engagement.