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Before you got here, a number of follow-up tutorials were sent out to others who are interested in creating remarkable training.

Now, I don't want you to miss out on anything that may make your job easier or your courses more interesting and effective.

So I've prepared a list of tutorials that contain a follow-up series so that you can let me know which of these you are interested in receiving.

How does this work?

If you are interested in receiving any of the follow-up series listed below, you can click the "Please send me this follow-up series" link.

You'll receive the first part of the series almost immediately, then the second and subsequent parts will be sent out over the following days.

If you select multiple follow-up series from this list, you will receive multiple emails from me each weekday for a while. But then things will settle down to a more manageable pace.

If you don't receive the emails for some reason or have any questions, just reach out to me and I'll get things sorted.

Sound good?

Here's the list:

Populating an Email with Content from Storyline

Want to send an email from Storyline that includes the contents of a Storyline variable? This tutorial will show you how to write a 'lil bit of JavaScript that'll do just that.

This follow-up series will show you how to:

  • get the users name from the LMS and use it in your emails,
  • note system info to help during the QA process,
  • and create custom reports based on the learner's performance.

Please send me this follow-up series.

Updating Hyperlinks Without Republishing a Storyline Course

In this tutorial, we will look at how to create hyperlinks that can be updated at a later stage without editing the published course.

This follow-up series covers how to:

  • use Dropbox to make it even easier to update your hyperlinks,
  • control the way these hyperlinks open (rather than just going with the default options),
  • and set up a tool that will allow you to easily check if any of the links in your courses are broken!

Please send me this follow-up series.

Adding a Flip Book to Your Storyline Course

In this tutorial, we will look at how to create flip books that can be added to your eLearning courses.

This follow-up series will outline how to:

  • add keyboard shortcuts to our flip books so they are even easier to navigate,
  • enable the zoom option so the learner can zoom in on the details,
  • and build an index that is clickable, so the learner can easily jump to a particular section.

Please send me this follow-up series.

Don't Disable That Next Button, Do This Instead...

In this series, we will look at a different way to make sure that your learners engage with the essential parts of your course, without restricting the navigation.

This series will show you how to:

  • set up the variables we'll need to track the essential interactions,
  • write the logic that'll help Storyline determine if the essential interactions have been attempted or not,
  • build a custom Summary Slide that will only send the completion message to the LMS when we want it to,
  • build a Completion Check slide that'll highlight which activities haven't been attempted and allow them to quickly loop through those activities.

Please send me this series.

Change the Closed Caption Font Size

In this tutorial, we will look at how to change the font size of the closed captions in Storyline 360 independently of the player font size.

This follow-up email will then show you how to extend that functionality and allow learners to adjust the size of the closed captions.

Please send me this follow-up email.

I hope that these tutorials are helpful to you.

If you have any questions or feedback, just let me know.